• Photo of MFR Souls Confirm Their Discharge From Hospital After Ghastly Accident

    Just when fans were beginning to voice their worry and concern over the state of health of the duo, MFR Souls have now announced their exit from the hospital from which they were receiving treatment after the ghastly accident which inflicted serious injuries on them. On their Facebook page, they confirmed; “We would like to thank EVERYONE who kept us in their prayers and all the get well messages. We are glad to announce that…

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  • Photo of AKA Claps Back At ‘Xenophobic SA’ Tweet

    SA Hip Hop titan, AKA, isn’t afraid of anybody. He says it the way he feels it without mincing words, and that has earned him the title of being a “controversial” celebrity. Overtime and consistently, AKA has made it known and crystal clear by his remarks that he wouldn’t capitulate to anyone calling SA xenophobic, and will even get personal with those who don’t listen. Following a much suspense filled drama earlier this year, the…

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